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Those Summer Nights - Moulin Rouge!

Those Summer Nights - Moulin Rouge!

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This beaut is color combo Moulin Rouge! 

It has all of the head-turning power of a sultry red dress but is a little more low-key - combining a red-based paisley, with a bold summer floral on the reverse side. 

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir

The Those Summer Nights jacket was made for exactly what it was named after - when summer temperatures dip and you need a little something-something to keep warm.

Personally, my fashion choices change with my mood, so I made the jackets reversible to give you more in-the-moment styling options.

PS - The prints were made using a hand block printed technique in Bagru, India (click here to see how it was made - it's really cool I promise). So, please expect a few imperfections. But, hey, that's ok. It just means this jacket is one of a kind and as unique as you are.


*Made in India from 100% cotton deadstock fabric

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