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Those Summer Nights - George Glass

Those Summer Nights - George Glass

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When I designed this print combo all I kept thinking was Brady Bunch. And, how I could totally see Jan wearing it on the show.

And, just like the middle child, this jacket goes with everything. Or, maybe nothing. You either hate it or love it.

Personaly, I can't get enough.

The Those Summer Nights jacket was made for exactly what it was named after - when summer temperatures dip and you need a little something-something to keep warm.

Personally, my fashion choices change with my mood, so I made the jackets reversible to give you more in-the-moment styling options.

PS - The prints were made using a hand block printed technique in Bagru, India (click here to see how it was made - it's really cool I promise). So, please expect a few imperfections. But, hey, that's ok. It just means this jacket is one of a kind and as unique as you are.


*Made in India from 100% deadstock cotton

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